Cymdeithas Gymreig Manitoba

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Cymdeithas Gymreig Manitoba 

Welsh Society of Manitoba


A non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organisation focusing on the preservation and promotion of all aspects of Welsh culture and life, including Welsh language, music, dance, literature, history, and sport.

The Welsh Society of Manitoba is an Organisational Life-Member of the Welsh North American Association.


St. David's Day 2021 - Virtual

It wouldn’t be a proper St. David’s Day celebration without entertainment, and your society have put together a great variety for you from comedy acts to poetry to all manner of music and dancing.  So, please click on the following link for our virtual show featuring curated links both from local artists and acts direct from Wales.



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St. David's Day


ST. DAVID'S DAY 2018 & 2019

Members of Cymdeithas Gymreig Manitoba attending the raising of the Welsh Flag at Winnipeg City Hall with his worship, Mayor Brian Bowman. March 1st, 2018. 

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